Kurumba Maldives

With its 48 years of age, Kurumba Maldives positions itself in pole position as the first resort ever built in this beautiful part of the world. The island and the resort are situated in the North Malé Atoll. It is very well maintained, modern with absolutely “no wrinkles”!

We can easily say that, if tourism happened in Maldives we need to give credit to a visionary guy that despite what everybody else was saying, he decided to built this property and bring some friends to discover this true Maldivian Paradise. Some of his friends told him he was crazy, well today this man is the owner of a very important chain of resorts here in Maldives. Every afternoon at 6pm he goes to Kurumba to enjoy the sunset. These are the inspiring stories we love!

Kurumba is one the closest island to Male, just 15min by boat from the main Island and it is characterised by this beautiful gigantic palms all over its extension and a crystal clear water. Since our arrival we could see around the shore many fish, sharks and stingrays. 

Some people might say that its closeness to the city makes this place “different” from a little bit more secluded island resorts but, rather than cover the fact that you can actually see Male from one of the side of the island, they actually gave more value placing here all their amazing fine dining restaurants to give to this side a little bit more of a city vibe which we loved. From the other side of the city view part of the island you can still enjoy the secluded experience with your view completely focused over the infinite blue! You can easily say that they have it all! 

Service is excellent and the property offers recreational spaces, water sports and kids club to ensure to every guest the opportunity to spend their time doing what they love.

Let’s talk about the food for a moment. From the buffet through the fine dining restaurant to the teppanyaki experience, the quality of the food was always high and consistent, also their cocktails and wine selection was good. 

We stayed at the beachfront deluxe bungalow and it was just a dream. The room provides all the comfort you need. Coffee, Water and drinks all included in our meal plan which was the full board plus.

The Hotel organised for us the stingray safari and it was so amazing to swim with this incredible animals. We had also a visitor among them: a tiger shark! Thankfully we didn’t notice it otherwise we would had a heart attack! We’ve been told tho that they are very shy and they have a lot of food around the area so it never happens that they attack humans. 

All the staff of Kurumba Maldives made us feel home, everything was seasoned with kindness, great care, diligence and incredible ease. We definitely cannot wait for you guys to visit them too. 

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Karen & Terence

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