“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

welcome to our world

We are Karen and Terence, a married Italian mid-30’s couple who have made travelling the world their full-time jobs. Together we are @Terplanet. 

With 4 years of experience we are specialised in Luxury Travel Content Creation, Distribution and Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Through our Pictures, Videos and Storytelling we want to INSPIRE YOU to dream bigger. The ultimate goal of our production is that you will be able to experience the same emotions we had while travelling through the most amazing places and luxury hotels in the world. Maybe you are wondering how we ended up doing this; this is how we started…

best locations in the world

There’s no need to sleep to experience the best dreams your heart desires. The best dreams are the ones you live while you are still awake.

Often times we thought that it would have never been possible for us to achieve goals, to become who we wanted to be and to go where we wanted to go. What really made the difference is how much we dreamt about it. Whatever you want to accomplish in life, our recommendation is to work hard and dream harder.

Here are our top recommendations for some of the dreamiest Luxury Hotels and Villas we had the privilege and the honour to collaborate with.

discover new places

Travelling is our best teacher. Discovering new places teaches us to see the world with new eyes, it enlarges our hearts and changes our perspective.

If you have ever been outside your country for holiday or for work, you know very well how much you had to adapt to the culture, food, way of greetings and if you caught the beauty of it you’ve been also able to start looking at the world and its citizens from a different angle. That’s the reason why we are convinced that travelling is not just good on a personal level, but also to improve humanity.

Someone once said that beauty is real only when it is shared!

Here are some amazing places we want to share with you…