This Bundle is a combination of the five most important elements to start your instagram game strong. Even if you’ve already started but still feel like you need a game changer, this is for you!

Get a real look behind the curtains because we disclose all our secrets here!

You will get:

  • PDF – 11 STEPS CHECKLIST HOW TO GO VIRAL : You will learn how to go viral with your instagram posts and you will grow hundreds if not thousands of real followers.
  • EBOOK – INSTAPLANET : In these 42 pages, you will learn 16 easy yet powerful keys to grow your instagram and become a recognised influencer, an established brand or a successful business.
  • 10 TIPS & TRICKS HOW TO LAND A FREE COLLABORATION : You will understand how to write the perfect email with almost guaranteed success rate. We collected and tested these guidelines for almost 4 years and we use them all the time with great results.
  • 3 EMAIL TEMPLATES : After sending thousands of emails we have perfected and mastered the art of writing the perfect emails for landing successful collaborations
  • OUR PERSONAL MEDIA KIT : We use this exact media kit when we reach out to hotel or brands in order to show them who we are in the most effective way.

*due to the nature of this digital product, refunds are not possible. If you have any questions, please email us at