Who is Terplanet?

Hi friend! Thank you so much for visiting our Blog, we really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to learn more about us and what we do.

We are Karen and Terence, a married Italian mid-30’s couple who have made travelling the world their full-time jobs. Together we are @Terplanet

What does Terplanet stand for?

Our name is inspired by the term “interplanetary”, meaning travelling between Stars and Planets, which in a sense is exactly what we do. As Luxury Travel Influencers we journey between new cultures, we discover and review 5-star Hotels and try out the most acclaimed starred restaurants, all around our beautiful Planet. 🙂

Our Story

Back in 2017 things looked completely different for us. We had independently moved from Italy and Germany to Sydney Australia to escape our old monotonous lives and study full-time a broad. This is also where we met for the first time. Besides studying at the same college we also worked an additional 20-30 hours a week as waiters, just to pay off rent and tuition fees…

One random afternoon in April 2017, Terence decided to start sharing some of our past travel pictures on Instagram as an avenue to express his creative urge and showcasing all those old travel pictures instead of letting them slowly die out in oblivion inside of a dust-covered external hard drive. Terplanet was born. He started sharing bright and fairly oversaturated photos of London, New York, Dubai and some beaches in Sydney and really just playing with the thought this might eventually grow one day into something more serious.

Surprisingly the page started growing faster than we would have imagined. We started to invest time in learning the platform, growing our photography and editing skills and building a real community of supporters. Before we knew it, we reached our first 10.000 followers within the first year and we also undertook our first collaboration with a 4-Star Hotel. We didn’t know what our future with Social Media was holding in store for us at that time, but we knew we were on to something.

At this point we were faced with a huge internal dilemma: Should we keep treating this just like a hobby and settle for a more or less comfortable and secure, but definitely not so exiting life? OR, should we take a deep breath, dive into the unknown and begin a life of exploration, visiting new places every day and pursuing something that maybe, just maybe, could develop into a full-time job?

Looking back now, we are so glad we decided for the latter! We literally sold everything we owned at the time and kept only two 7kg backpacks filled with a couple of clothes and some camera gears. We took our savings and embarked on our first three months of travelling through south east Asia…and the crazy thing is, we never stopped since! 

Although we didn’t own much, our hearts and eyes were being filled daily with every country, city and person we got to meet, and real prospects for a future job within this industry started to become clearer with every result and feedback we got form our collaborating partners. 

TERPLANET’S goal and mission

Travelling truly did change our life, it helped us shape our views of the world and ultimately, it changed ourselves for the better, because we learned to challenge the status quo and to put in the necessary work to achieve our goals.

Our goal and hope is, that through our story, our photos, our videos and also our mentorship you too can embark on a journey of dreaming and fulfilling your dreams. Whatever these may be, either your next vacation or even pursing a job where you too can travel full-time and partner up with the world’s most prestigious Hotels like we do today.

This type of life can have many ups and downs, no doubt about it, but through this journey we learned that having a clear vision and strategy combined with a strong determination is the key for achieving your goals. We made many sacrifices along the way and we made drastic decisions while trusting and doubting the journey all at the same time but we never regret any moment because all this brought us to the amazing life we never thought to live.

Terence & Karen

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  1. When are you visiting the Caribbean. Please come to Trinidad and Tobago. I worked in Tourism and would love for you to do a feature on our beautiful twin island.

  2. Happy traveling, this what i desire most
    May be one day
    We keep the faith up
    God see us through

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